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Volume 1, The Quest for An Answer,
by Dr. Carl Werner – Not only is it a book on the captivating and controversial topic of evolution, but also represents one man’s personal and amazing 40-year journey.



About The Author

In his sophomore year of college, Dr. Carl Werner was challenged by a fellow classmate with these words: “I bet you can’t prove evolution.” Disturbed by his classmate’s somewhat poignant criticisms of the theory, Dr. Werner (a biology major at the time) pondered this conversation for some time. From this point, he began his quest for an answer.

Driven by his stringent scientific background and exceedingly curious nature, Dr. Werner read and researched every topic he could find on evolution, including paleontology, geology, biology, and biochemistry. After 18 years of study, Dr. Werner considered himself ready to begin a series of experiments by which to test evolution.

For the next 22 years, 1997-2019, Dr. Werner traveled to the best museums and dig sites around the globe photographing thousands of original fossils and the actual fossil layers where they were found.

In Volume 1, EVOLUTION: THE GRAND EXPERIMENT, Dr. Werner explains the framework for the theory of evolution
to the public and enlightens the reader with scientific pros and cons offered by the some of the world’s most respected scientists interviewed during his travels.

In Volume 2, LIVING FOSSILS, Dr. Werner asks the simplest question.  Was life completely different in the past (evolution) or did some animals and plants simply go extinct (creation)?  To get the answer to that question, Dr. Werner compared fossils from the rock layers containing dinosaur bones to modern animals and plants and presents this as a photographic essay in his book and video Living Fossils.

In Volume 3, UNTOLD STORIES OF HUMAN EVOLUTION, (not yet released), Dr. Werner reviews the fossil evidence for human evolution. Dr. Carl Werner’s research, interviews, and photographs from five continents tackle the compelling question: Did humans evolve from apes? Readers are given a rare insight into the world of anthropology, the major ape-man fossils, and the scientists who found them.

The approach Dr. Werner takes in explaining some of his findings is both refreshing and appealing, always allowing the reader to reach their own conclusions. Of particular interest is that much of the information Dr. Werner presents in his book series (and video series) has not been previously heard by the public.

His hope is that this book series and ongoing video series will be the starting point for a national discussion about the veracity of the evidence for the theory of evolution, in light of his findings.

You may follow Dr. Werner on Twitter @DrCarlWerner

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