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The Grand Experiment Wins “Best School Curriculum” Award

The Grand Experiment school curriculum is a rock-solid, 4-semester science course designed for students age 12 and up.  Without this education, students enter college and are inundated from all directions with false evidences that the theory of evolution is true. After this 4-semester program, any student can hold their own against any professor, standing up to false teachings about the fossil record and the theoretical mechanisms for the theory of evolution.  Students learn not only about evolution but also anthropology, DNA, inheritance, and ways to evaluate evidence. This will be the single best investment in your child’s education.

The Grand Experiment is non-sectarian and is currently being used in public and private grade schools, high schools and colleges and home schools. This curriculum only addresses the theory of evolution and does not cover other subject matters such as math or history. It may be used to supplement any other school curriculum currently in use. In order to increase retention of the materials, it is strongly recommended that students not only read the book and watch the DVD but be able to pass the final exam from the Teacher’s Manuals.

Can You Pass the Grand Experiment
Final Exam?
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Each book and DVD of the Grand Experiment series can be used in a one-semester class:


First Semester:  Volume 1, Evolution The Grand Experiment / DVD Episode 1 / Teacher’s Manual 1. 


Second Semester: Volume 2, Living Fossils / DVD Episode 2 / Teacher’s Manual 2.


Third semester: Volume 3, Untold Stories of Human Evolution / DVD Episode 3 / Teacher’s Manual 3.


Fourth semester: Volume 4, Nine Categories of Overturned Ape-Men / DVD Episode 4 / Teacher’s Manual 4.


Students first watch the DVD segment associated with the book chapter. Then the students read the associated chapter in the book. Next the student studies by answering the Student Objectives Questions for that chapter. Finally, the students take a quiz from the Teacher’s Manual after each chapter.

Semester 1: 

This course teaches the general problems with the theory of evolution including: The fossil record, the origin of life from chemicals, and the problems of the theoretical mechanisms of how evolution works. 


Semester 2: 

Teaches how animals and plants are classified and named. Then demonstrates that animals and plants, generally speaking, have not changed since the time of the dinosaurs. Rather, some have gone extinct.


Semester 3:

In an easy to understand style, this course teaches students how to critically evaluate evidence of human evolution. The student is given five examples of ape-men that were created out of pig, raccoon, dog, horse, antelope, dolphin, and hippo family bones and teeth.


Semester 4:

Students are taught that most ape-men proposed in the past have been overturned.  They are then provided a system in which overturned ape-men are classified as either monkey bones, ape-bones, human bones, altered bones, etc.  The enormous problem of fraud in the field of human evolution is also addressed.

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