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Evolution: The Grand Experiment Book Series


"I think this book ought to be on the coffee table of every single home, not just in America, 
but around the world. It is about evolution. He refutes evolution in a powerful way."

From Valeri Holmes
Television Host Rejoice



Volume 1
The Quest for An Answer


Volume 1, THE QUEST FOR AN ANSWER, by Dr. Carl Werner – Not only is it a book on the captivating and controversial topic of evolution, but also represents one man’s personal and amazing 40-year journey.  More than 800 color photos.


Volume 2
Living Fossils


Evolution: The Grand Experiment, Volume 2, LIVING FOSSILS, by Dr. Carl Werner – Were the animals and plants during the time of the dinosaurs different than the animals and plants living today, suggesting animals and plants evolved?  Or were the plants and animals during the time of the dinosaurs the same, suggesting that dinosaurs simply went extinction?  Learn why museums have had to change their displays based on the facts presented here.  More than 700 photographs.


Volume 3
Untold Stories of Human Evolution


Evolution: The Grand Experiment, Volume 3, UNTOLD STORIES OF HUMAN EVOLUTION, by Dr. Carl Werner – Did humans evolve from apes? Readers are given a rare insight into the world of anthropology and ape-man fossils, as well as how to evaluate the evidence.  Most scientists wish that you never heard about these five untold stories of human evolution.  More than 900 photographs.


Volume 4
Nine Categories Of Overturned Ape-Men


Evolution: The Grand Experiment, Volume 4, 
NINE CATEGORIES OF OVERTURNED APE-MEN, by Dr. Carl Werner – More than 230 species of ape-men have been overturned since Darwin’s time.  But what did they turn out to be?  Answer:  Monkeys, apes, mammals (non-primate), humans, reptiles and others. While he worked to categorize these overturned ape-men, the author uncovered more than 150 frauds committed by scientists working in the field of human evolution.  These frauds are detailed in this book along with Episodes 5-8 in the video series.  More than 1,000 photos.


Volume 5
Bibliography for Human Evolution


This book contains the Bibliographies of the previous two volumes in this series: Volume 3, UNTOLD STORIES OF HUMAN EVOLUTION and Volume 4, NINE CATEGORIES OF OVERTURNED APE-MEN.

—More than 2,600 highly-researched references including articles translated from French, Spanish, German, and Dutch

—More than 430 pages

—Author notes and insights

—This book contains invaluable information for the serious student of this topic

—Headers and footers on each page to quickly locate footnotes.

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