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Human Evolution


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Dr. Carl Werner’s research and interviews on five continents tackle the compelling question: Did humans evolve from apes? Readers of Volume 3 are given a rare insight into the world of anthropology and ape-man fossils, as well as how to evaluate the evidence.


—Presented in an easy-to-read story format

—More than 900 photographs and diagrams

—More than 770 highly-researched references

—Interviews with Drs. Don Johanson (Institute of Human Origins), Robert Brain (Ditsong National Museum), Ron Clarke (University of the Witwatersrand), Francis Thackeray (Evolutionary Studies Institute), Revil Mason (Union Archaeological Survey, South Africa), Robin Derricourt (University of New South Wales, Sydney), and many other prominent scientists

—A surprise ending!


—What famous scientist discovered four ape-men, three of which turned out to be created with monkey bones?

—Which scientist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York abandoned the idea that humans evolved from apes?

—What famous scientist made an ape-man out of a horse toe bone, a cat leg bone, and a monkey skull bone?

—Which scientist found a procyonid (raccoon family) leg bone and said it was from an upright-walking ape-man?

—Which museum curator found a dolphin bone and promoted it as an ape-man?

—Which three scientists in Spain found a donkey skull and said it was the skull of an ape-man?


“This clearly shows that impressive academic credentials, prevailing scientific opinion, and confident conclusions based on seemingly unassailable observations can be dead wrong.”
—Dr. David Menton, Ph.D.

“Wow! Wow! Wow! You have done an incredible job of sleuthing out so much original and damning material on human evolution. I am not aware of a lot of this. The story is consistent, over and over: ‘just wait a bit and it will all come out in the wash.’”

—Dr. Don Batten, Ph.D.


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For 25+ years, this award-winning documentary producer, accompanied by his wife (an accomplished photographer and videographer), photographed hundreds of ape-men fossils and filmed at the dig sites where they were discovered. They conducted interviews with 43 experts working in the field of human evolution on five continents. But there is more to the story. While interviewing these scientists, the author (holding degrees in biology and medicine), never revealed that he was questioning human evolution and looking for evidence to conclusively validate or disprove the theory, once and for all.


The results: This book (along with Episodes 5-8 of the accompanying video series) documents 150 instances of fraud carried out by high-profile human evolution scientists working in the field of human evolution at the top institutions of the western world, including: The American Museum in New York City, The Natural History Museum of London, The National Museums of France, Kenya, South Africa, Argentina, and other museums and national universities.

Also, this book establishes that the purported ape-men featured in this iconic human evolution chart from Time-Life’s book Early Man (below) have been rejected by many human evolution experts today. Most of these creatures were simply ordinary apes or Homo sapiens. While a few turned out to be ordinary australopithecines that had been altered. 


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Finally, in a unique approach, the author identifies more than 200 species of ape-men that have been overturned and organizes them into nine different categories based on their origin.



—Presented in an easy-to-read story format —More than 1,000 photographs

—Interviews with Dr. Don Johanson (who discovered Lucy), Dr. Yves Coppens (Co-leader of the Lucy expedition), Dr. Angela Milner (Curator at the Natural History Museum of London), Dr. Henry de Lumley (Institute of Human Paleontology, Paris), Dr. Ian Tattersall (American Museum, New York), Dr. Ron Clarke (University of the Witwatersrand), Dr. Francis Thackeray (Evolutionary Studies Institute), and many more.

—More than 1,800 detailed references, including articles translated from French, Spanish, German, and Dutch. These references are printed in Volume 5.


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This book contains the Bibliographies of the previous two volumes in this series: Volume 3, Untold Stories of Human Evolution and Volume 4, Nine Categories of Overturned Ape-men.


—More than 2,600 highly-researched references including articles translated from French, Spanish, German, and Dutch —More than 430 pages —Author notes and insights —This book contains invaluable information for the serious student of this topic —Headers and footers on each page to quickly locate footnotes.

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