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Widespread Human Evolution
Fraud Documented

150 Frauds Committed by Human Evolution Scientists

Press Release March 4, 2024, 12:01 AM

Background:  Dr. Carl Werner, an award winning filmmaker, biologist, and physician (Summa cum laude, Biology, University of Missouri), traveled 175,000 miles through Africa, Europe, and South America, photographing the original ape-man (hominin) fossils at the top national museums (10,000 photos in all). After conducting interviews with many of the top human evolution scientists on five continents,* it became apparent that there was widespread fraud in the field of human evolution involving more than a dozen top scientists, national science museums, and universities. In all, 150 acts of fraud were documented including the most famous ape-men (hominins) ever known: Lucy, Homo Habilis, Neanderthal Man, Homo erectus, Australopithecus africanus, Australopithecus prometheus, Homo rudolfensis, Zinj, Turkana Boy, and many others. Most large natural history museums have many fraudulent ape-men (hominins) skulls and skeletons on display currently.  

In one interview, Dr. Ron Clarke from the University of the Witwatersrand accused his colleague Dr. Phillip Tobias of committing a fraud even bigger than the Piltdown fraud. He said, "The Piltdown forgery actually was very clever. The [Homo habilis] StW 53 forgery by Curnoe and Tobias was stupid!” In another interview, Dr. Robert Broom from the National Museum of South Africa reported that the famous human evolution scientist Dr. Raymond Dart gave him this advice: "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story." (Dr. Dart carried out 35 frauds with the famous ape-man Australopithecus prometheus, which appeared in 2001: A Space Odyssey.) Another scientist, Dr. Paul Palmqvist, Professor of Paleontology from the University of Malaga, Spain, accused his colleague Dr. Jose Gibert of fraudulently altering a donkey skull drawing in order to pass it off as an ape-man. Yet another scientist, Dr. Alain Beauvilain, coordinator of Chadian paleontologic research in North Africa, accused his close colleague Dr. Michel Brunet of repeatedly lying about the circumstances of the discovery of the Touami skull and fraudulently hiding the associated femur found next to the skull.

The frauds were so numerous they necessarily were divided into four episodes of the miniseries:

Episode 5 covers the 20 ape-man frauds committed by scientists in North and South America. 
Episode 6 details the 60 frauds carried out by African scientists (Leakey, Dart, Broom). 
Episode 7 enumerates the 70 frauds carried out by scientists in Europe. 
Episode 8, the final episode of the miniseries, shows the frauds of Dr. Michel Brunet who discovered Toumai.

This just released miniseries entitled Evolution: The Grand Experiment can be viewed online at TheGrandExperiment.VHX.TV

The series is also available for broadcast (please contact Audio Visual Consultants for broadcast licenses).

*(The 40 scientists interviewed for the miniseries include: Drs. Donald Johanson, Richard Leakey, F. Clark Howell, Yves Coppens, Ian Tattersall, Henry de Lumley, Michel Brunet, Daniel Lieberman, Robert Brain, Ronald Clarke, Patrick Semal, and 29 others)

Dr. Raymond Dart's advice to his colleague: 
"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

Title: Widespread Fraud Found at Museums


Synopsis:  While filming a documentary on evolution, a filmmaker has documented widespread fraud at many of the top national science museums and universities.


Dr. Richard Leakey altered the skull of Homo erectus and altered photographs of the skull.


Dr. Michel Brunet fraudulently hid the Toumai femur for 17 years, lied about the Toumai skull being buried in rock, and misleadingly moved the foramen magnum of the Toumai skull.

Dr. Phillip Tobias: Fraudulently altered Homo habilis skulls OH 7, OH 16, and StW 53.


Dr. Raymond Dart fraudulently altered both the skull and the pelvis of Australopithecus prometheus.


Dr. Marcellin Boule moved the foramen magnum on his Neanderthal skull and fraudulently altered the neck bone drawings.

Dr. Jose Gibert fraudulently altered a donkey skull drawing and passed it off as an apeman.

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